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Custom Design *Various Pricing*


See something you love, but you need a specific color?
I can make that happen!

Any of my listed items are available for custom fabric, color, and slight design alteration. I work with you to help find the right material, and make any adjustments you may need to the pattern (ex, a lower neckline or added sleeves.)

Cost is the original listed price plus any additional supply upcharges that occur, and/or a design alteration fee (if applicable).

Each item is bespoke, so I'll need a full set a measurements from you.
Start the process by messaging me via the Contact page or at info@jvonstratton.com

Here's to you, and your fabulous custom frock!

Images are examples of custom work.
Credits Left to Right:
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (Green)
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (Gold)
Rosemarie photographed by Jiamin Zhu
Ben DeLaCreme photographed by Jiji Lee
Miss Gemini Rising NYC