J. Von Stratton


Most of the fabrics are a cotton blend or spandex/nylon, which is great for fit and durability.  With most things you love and cherish, you're going to want to care for it kindly to preserve it's quality.

DRY CLEAN:  Please consult your local dry cleaner regarding their standard procedures, and the effects on cotton/lycra/spandex blends. Dry Cleaning should be suitable for all JVS garments, but it's best to research first. 

HAND WASH/HANG DRY: The old fashion method, but the one I prefer for my sequin gowns.

MACHINE WASH COLD/HANG DRY:  Yes you can.  It works well.  *Note*  Make sure to remove any items with hooks or buttons that may snag any JVS garment with horsehair hem.  Snags make us sad face.

Wash in cold water on the Gentle cycle, and hang dry to best preserve fit and color.

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