J. Von Stratton
Image of The Life Aquatic 3 Piece Set

The Life Aquatic 3 Piece Set


This set has 3 pieces, size Small/Medium: a full sequin and rhinestone catsuit, a sheer organza panel skirt, and a full sequin skirt.

This was made in 2016 for a charity fundraiser I performed an aerial act in.
It has been worn only a few times since, and one of those was to see Cher in Vegas (OMG)!

This is great for anyone performing who wants a little reveal, but cannot go full striptease mode. And it's excellent for aerialists, since that's what it was created for.

The cat suit was created using remnants from other costumes, so some of the blue sequins on the legs are patchworked together. It's fairly subtle. Pictured in photo 4, at the base of the zipper.

Measurements (cat suit):

W/o stretch: 32'
Stretched: 38'

W/o stretch: 27'
Stretched: 34'

W/o stretch: 34'
Stretched: 44'

Inseam: 29'

Thigh (stretched): 21.5'

Armpit to wrist: 15.5'


Waist: 31'
Length: 43'

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