J. Von Stratton


Welcome to J. Von Stratton's upcyled vision.
It's 2023, we have more than enough in supplies and fashion to create new and exciting pieces from what is already out there. On this platform I bring you one of a kind pieces I make by hand, from upcylced materials. I get my supplies from thrit shops, estate sales, and selvage supplies from my custom projects. All items are laundered and cared for, and treated like couture.
I have been making garments for myself this way since the 90's, it's only right that I bring these pieces to you!

Designed Locally - Worn 

J. Von Stratton was started by designer Jamie Von Stratton in 2003. Her creative nature, love of fashion, thrift store finds, and vintage construction led to to start her own label. She started with two shops in Seattle, where she remade pieces she found in thrifts stores, or whipped up one of a kind creations. When she discovered burlesque, this broadened her creative circle, and she began fashioning costumes. It's now been over 20 years and her love of all things stage, fashion, and vintage has allowed her to pour these inspirations into whimsical ready-to-wear collections.


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